The Bassday ORC Sugar Minnow 125F is a large profiled, aerodynamically shaped, 12.5cm, 24grams, floating, saltwater minnow fishing lure that is designed for midwater diving action.

The lure comes equipped with a 22mm bib, angled approximately 60 degrees downwards, which will send the lure to a dive depth of about 1.5m. 

What however makes the ORC Sugar Minnow 125F standout is its excellent distance-casting performance.

Equipped with an MZ-19 Tungsten weight transfer system, this lure will cast a proverbial mile, and has naturally found favour not only with shore-based casters targeting sea bass, but also with off-shore anglers casting plugs for surface pelagics such as amberjack.

With a high weight to size ratio, the ORC Sugar Minnow 125F will cut through cross winds and track as straight as a dart to ensure efficiency and accuracy of each cast.

In addition, with its short rounded bib, this lure will produce a tight but gentle wobbling action on a slow retrieve that is guaranteed to attraction the attention of its intended target.

All in all, the ORC Sugar Minnow 125F is a worthy addition to any serious lurer's tackle box.


Midwater Diving Minnow Fishing Lure






Tight wobbling action

Diving Depth:



12.5cm (4.92in)


24g (0.84oz)


2 x #1 treble hooks

Country of Manufacture:

Made in Japan