The Megabass Vision OneTen SW is a narrow profiled, 110.5mm, 14.1gram (1/2oz) jerk bait minnow fishing lure that will dive no more than 1 meter with its short square bib.

The lure comes equipped with a dual tungsten moving balancer system that truly gives this lure excellent casting distance.

What makes the OneTen SW particularly deadly is it’s darting action and ability to come to a stand still as it slowly floats to the surface, which more often than not, is the moment when a strike arises.

The base of this jerk bait is angulated with hard chines, which causes the lure to roll sharply from side to side to accentuate reflective flicker off the flanks of the lure.

The Vision OneTen SW is devoid of internal rattlers making this jerk bait an attractive option when fishing in high pressured areas where target fish are easily spooked by noise and commotion.

The lure comes with three permasteel saltwater #6 treble hooks. The front and rear trebles have inward facing barbs whilst the middle treble is outward facing.

For its size and weight, the Vision OneTen SW is ideally suited for shore base fishing and around piers and over reef flats.


Sub-Surface Jerk Bait Minnow Fishing Lure




Slow Floating

Dive Depth:





14.1grams (1/2oz)


Darting, tight rolling action


3 x #6 treble hooks

Country of Manufacture: