The An Lure Prew 120 SG (Singapore edition) is a sleek, 12cm, 38gram, sub-surface sinking pencil bait lure, that has been specifically designed to target snakehead fish found in our local water system.

With active input given by our local anglers, An Lure have created a tall but thin profiled sinking pencil that is balanced and casts without tumble to achieve maximum casting distance.

Each lure is constructed from sustainable hard wood that can withstand repeated snakehead attacks. Though made of natural material, each lure is CNCed from choice selections to ensure design consistency during production.

With a flick of the rod tip on a slow pause/retrieve crank, the lure will walk below the surface from side-to-side whilst producing a pronounced roll to reflect light off its flanks.

Once retrieving is paused, the Prew 120 SG will vigorously flutter horizontally downwards at a pace of about 15-20cm/second, which gives sufficient hang time to entice a take when the lure is put into the strike zone.

Internal rattlers are embedded in a central channel in the lure to produce a rattling sound to attract its intended prey.

A proprietary undercoat is used to give maximum bonding and protection to the wood surface to allow the lure to withstand the abuse that it will have to face during its lifetime.

The Prew 120 SG is a tried and tested design that catches our local fish. For a wooden lure, it is affordably priced to suit the pockets of our young local urban anglers.


Sub-Surface Sinking Pencil Bait Lure


Freshwater / Saltwater



Dive Depth:

0.2m ~


Darting / rolling action, Flutter on falling




35grams (without hooks);

38grams (with hooks).


2 x #2 trebles

(Belly hook can accommodate size #1/0)

Country of Manufacture: