The Bassday Crystal Popper 85S, is a translucent bodied, densely weighted, compact profiled, 85mm, 22gram, sinking popper fishing lure that is designed for topwater action.

Like with most popper designs, the Crystal Popper 85S comes with an indented cupped face that will make the lure create surface commotion, by pushing and splashing water on a twitch-crank-twitch retrieve pattern.

However, where this popper breaks with convention is its buoyancy. 

As a sinking popper, the Crystal Popper 85S is even more versatile than a conventional floating popper, in that it can be worked from depth up to surface to cover an entire water column, mimicking a dying or injured bait fish coming up to the surface for its last gasp of air.

With light being refracted through the surfaces of the translucent body and reflected off the spinner blade attached to its rear tow lug, the Bassday Crystal Popper 85S often proves too irresistible for a fish not to follow the lure upwards to the surface and take a strike at it before it breaks the surface.

The lure comes with an oversized, single belly, treble hook (#1/0) that makes it more than capable of tackling target spieces way larger than one would expect from a lure of its size. 


Topwater Popper Fishing Lure





Dive Depth:



8.5cm (3.35in)


22grams (~3/4oz)


Popping, splashing, water pushing action


1 x #1/0 treble hook

Country of Manufacture: