The Megabass Giant Dog-X is a tall, narrow profiled, 98mm, 14.1grams (1/2oz), floating pencil bait fishing lure that is designed for topwater action.

The lure comes equipped with two tungsten fixed rear weight balancers that is incorporated to keep the Giant Dog-X floating with its head sticking prominently out of the water at almost 80 degrees perpendicular to the surface of the water.

On a crank-pause-crank retrieve pattern, the lure can be made to swim from left to right in a dog-walk pattern.

What, however, makes the Giant Dog-X stand out from its competition, is its ability to roll onto its flanks as it is walked from left to right, allowing the lure to expose more of its tall profile to its intended prey.

This rolling action is achieved by the incorporation of a cross lateral moving balancer in its belly, that aids in accentuating the roll of the lure.

To add to the lure’s appeal, Megabass have incorporated a single rattler that emits a high pitch knocking sound, which, in unison with the moving balancer that gives off a lower pitch sound, work together to cover a wider sound spectrum.

The Giant Dog-X will produce its best results at dawn on a windless day, where it can be made to carve up an S-shaped wake in the mirror-like surface of the water, with the lure rolling and producing a little splash on a slow crank-pause-crank pattern.


Topwater Pencil Bait Lure





Dive Depth:





14.1grams (1/2 oz)


Rolling, dog-walk action


2 x #4 treble hooks

Country of Manufacture: