The Keitech Swing Impact is a super flexible, skinny profiled, sinking, soft plastic, swim bait, fishing lure that comes packed with features.

Constructed with soft PVC using a duel injection molding process, Keitech has been able to construct the Swing Impact with two separate layers with differing salt densities to put the lure on an even keel to give it its stable swimming action.

The PVC is infused with dried natural squid powder that leaches into the water, leading many to believe that the lure is more effective than dead bait.

To give the lure its legendary flexibility, Keitech have incorporated 29 cross rings along the length of its body that acts to remove material between each ring to give the lure its suppleness. This feature also acts to provide the body of the lure with added surface area to disperse its squid attractant into the water that leaves an oily scent trail to set up for a strike.

The lure body extrudes into a thin stem that connects perpendicularly to a paddle tail, angled at an approximate 20 degree forward slant to catch water. In combination, this design aspect, has the effect of giving the Swing Impact its most lethal of attractions - its superior tail swinging action, that will allow the tail to flutter freely even with the slightest of movement to catch the attention of its intended prey. 

Keitech have also incorporated into the design of their larger sized lures a central channel on both the top and bottom of the lure. This acts as a guide through which an offset jig hook is to enter and exit the body of the lure with its tip recessed within the top channel for a weed-less setup.

The Keitech Swing Impact swim bait is best fished using a tungsten jig head or rubber jig.

The Swing Impact lure that are stocked, come in 4 sizes, 2”, 3”, 3.5” and 4”.


Soft Plastic Swim Bait





Dive Depth:



2” (5.08cm)

3” (7.62cm)

3.5” (8.89cm)

4” (10.16cm)


2” - 0.88grams

3” - 2.07grams

3.5” - 3.21grams

4” - 4.7grams


Vigorous tail fluttering action


2” - 12 pieces

3” - 10 pieces

3.5” - 8 pieces

4” - 8 pieces

Country of Manufacture: