The Keitech Shad Impact is a narrow profiled, pin tailed, sinking, soft plastic, jerk bait, fishing lure that comes packed with features that gives it, its realistic appearance and action.

To give the lure its legendary flexibility, the Shad Impact is constructed with soft porous PVC using a duel injection molding process, to produce two separate layers with differing salt densities that are infused with dried natural squid powder. The porosity allows the infused scent to leach into the water to create an irresistible attractant, leading many to believe that the lure is more effective than dead bait.

To ensure life-like swimming action, Keitech have purposefully designed the lure with a narrow profile and introduced rounded cambers on either side of the belly of the lure to ensure that this soft plastic jerk bait will roll on retrieval, to reflect light off the metallic flakes that are infused into its flanks.

In addition, to produce vibration to encourage detection, Keitech have designed the Shad Impact’s body to extrude into a fine pintail that quivers with each twitch of the rod tip.

Keitech have also incorporated into the design of the lure a central grooved channel on both the top and bottom of the lure. This acts as a guide through which an offset jig hook is to enter and exit the body of the lure with its tip recessed within the top channel for a weed-less setup.

The Keitech Shad Impact is incredibly versatile and is a go-to soft plastic lure for many saltwater anglers who have found success with it. The lure can be fished using a jig head, or rigged using a drop shot, or when situation requires of it, as a weed-less set up with an offset hook, weighted or non-weighted allowing it to be fished across a wide variety of terrains and conditions.

The Shad Impact jerk bait that is stocked, comes in 3 sizes, 3”, 4” and 5”.


Soft Plastic Jerk Bait


Freshwater / Saltwater



Dive Depth:



3” (7.62cm)

4” (10.16cm)

5” (12.7cm)


3” - 2.1grams

4” - 5.0grams

5” - 7.1grams


Rolling action, tail quivering action


3” - 10 pieces

4” - 8 pieces

5” - 6 pieces

Country of Manufacture: