The Megabass New Dog-X Speed Slide is a tall bodied, narrow profile, 87mm, 10.63grams (3/8oz), floating pencil bait fishing lure that is designed for topwater, walk-the-dog action.

What makes this lure walk with ease and with speed on a crank-pause-crank retrieve pattern, are 3 design features.

Firstly, the New Dog-X Speed Slide incorporates a lateral moving belly balancer system that accelerates the speed of each turn as the lure swims from left to right. The balancer also produces a dull knock against its walls that adds to its appeal as it is being retrieved.

Secondly, the lure comes with twin gill plates that extend beyond its cheeks, that function in the same manner as the fins or skeg of a surf board, to provide lateral lift opposed to the water to improve directional stability and control.

Thirdly, the New Dog-X Speed Slide’s profile encourages the lure to roll onto its sides to increase the degree of turn.

In culmination, these three features ensure that the Dog-X will easily carve a prononce S-shaped slalom pattern onto the water’s surface as it is being retrieved, making this pencil bait incredibly appealing to predators whose attention have been caught by the lure’s swimming action and knocking sound.

To get the best results, the Megabass New Dog-X Speed Slide works its magic best in the early hours of the morning when the water is most calm.


Topwater Pencil Bait





Dive Depth:





10.63grams (3/8oz)


Walk-the-dog, side-to-side swimming action


2 x #6 treble hooks

Country of Manufacture: