The Megabass Prop Darter i-Loud is a jointed, large profiled, 103mm, 28.35grams (1oz), floating, prop bait fishing lure that is designed for topwater action.

The lure comes equipped with a roundish shaped bib with a flat base that measures 19mm in length (13mm wide). The bib is intentionally angled approximately 80 degrees downwards from its horizontal position to produce maximum resistance to making the lure to yaw from side to side without causing it to dive.

What the bib achieves is to activate the Prop Darter i-Loud’s internal “rudder action” i balancer system. This balancer system, comprising a “rudder” arm to which a rubber knocker is molded onto its end, is mounted on a vertical shaft that sways freely from side-to-side.

This free play action not only accentuates the yawing and rolling action of the lure as if it is being steered by a rudder to permit maximum flash, but it also allows the knocker to smack against the internal flanks of the lure to create a distinctive knocking sound that is designed with the intention to illicit the attention of the Prop Darter i-Loud’s intended target.

To further improve the action of the lure, the Prop Darter i-Loud comes with a jointed rear half with a 2 bladed tail propeller.

In combination, these features not only improves the way in which the lure swims by giving it more tail wiggle, but it also achieves to leave a bubble trail in its wake, which together works to enhance the presentation of this topwater lure to entice its intended prey to take a whack at it.

To get a sense of the allure of the i-Jack’s action and its pontential, watch the video below.


Topwater Jointed Prop Bait Fishing Lure


Fresh water




Side to side yawing and rolling action

Dive Depth:





1oz (28.35grams)


2 x #2 treble hooks


Internal knocker system

Country of Manufacture: