The Storm Micro Jig is a narrow profile, compact, asymmetrically designed, metal jig, fishing lure that is designed for cast jigging / speed jigging.

The asymmetric design of the jig, allows the Gomoku Micro Jig to flutter on a fall, whilst the narrow profile ensures that the jig will dart quickly and erractically on a lift and crank retrieve pattern. The jig is designed where one side is rounded whilst the other side has a chiselled bevel face that rises and narrows to meet a central angulated ridge running two thirds along its entire length.

The Gomoku Micro Jig is decorated with different foil and paint patterns on each side of the lure to suit different water colorations and conditions.


Cast Jigging / Speed Jigging





Dive Depth:

0m > ∞


Micro Jig 8 - 5cm

Micro Jig 12 - 5.7cm

Micro Jig 20 - 6.5cm

Micro Jig 30 - 7.5cm

Micro Jig 40 - 8cm


Micro Jig 8 - 8grams

Micro Jig 12 - 12grams

Micro Jig 20 - 20grams

Micro Jig 30 - 30grams

Micro Jig 40 - 40grams


Flutter on fall, glide and dart on lift

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