The Bassday Range VIB 45ES Ajiing, is a dense profiled, 4.5cm, 6.3grams, fast sinking, vibration plug, lipless crankbait fishing lure that is specifically designed for targetting horse mackeral (Aji).

UV clear coatings that are known to stimulate a reaction bite with these species of fish, is used for this lure.

This lipless crankbait is designed with a flattened head section that tapers into a knife edge that runs along the entire length of the dorsal section to the tail section.

This design feature, coupled with the positioning of the tow lug approximately a third from the head of the lure, ensures that the Range VIB 45ES Ajiing, produces intense fluttering vibration, on a slow steady retrieve, and even more so, when the lure is ripped, on a lift-crank-lift retrieve pattern.

Bassday have included a dorsal fin to ensure that the lure tracks straight regardless of retrieval speed.

With its dense weight, this vibration plug makes for excellent casting and fast sinking, ensuring that the lure gets down to depth quickly to put it into the strike zone.

Owner ST-26 trebles are used for their finer hook points to minimise lost of hook ups from mouth tears.

The Bassday Range VIB 45ES Ajiing is best suited for fishing in open water, around piers, buoys/markers and fish attracting devices (FADs), where horse mackarel are known to be found where the intensity of vibration will attract their attention to give chase after the lure as it is being retrieved up from depth.


Deep Diving Vibration Plug Lipless Crankbait Fishing Lure





Dive Depth:







Fluttering vibration action


2 x #10 treble hooks

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