The Megabass Baby X-Plose is a narrow profiled, 7.5cm, 5.3grams (3/16oz), slow sinking, prop bait fishing lure that is designed for sub-surface spy bait action.

The lure comes equipped with twin tri-blade propellers mounted front and rear, which counter-rotate, ensuring that the lure tracks straight when retrieved.

Each propeller blade is pitched to ensure that the propellers spin easily with the slightest of water movement.

Cavitation is induced through perforations in each blade, to create water turbulence as the lure is pulled through the water.

The Baby X-Plose’s hard chined flat belly, coupled with a front and rear fixed tungsten balancer, mounted at the base of the lure, ensures that that the lure’s body is kept on an even keel, whilst still being able to produce a sharp but short rolling action as it is being retrieved. This rolling action allows for shimmers of light to reflect off its flanks to add to the lure’s appeal.

This lure is best worked as a spy-bait, on a steady retrieve as its slow sinking buoyancy allows the angler to keep the lure at a steady depth range whilst exploring a stretch of water in search of prey.

The Megabass Baby X-Plose comes with a pair of long shank, size 8 treble hooks positioned dangerously on its under-belly that will more than likely ensure a solid hook up when struck by its intended prey.

The recommended line rating to get the best out of this lure is 4-10lbs (for fluorocarbon line) or PE 0.8-1 (for braided line).


Sub-Surface Prop Bait / Spy Bait




Slow Sinking

Dive Depth:







Sharp rolling action, sub-surface commotion


2 x #8 belly treble hook

Country of Manufacture: