The Spark Shad is the new soft bait from Megabass which features an extremely soft and lifelike body which helps to accentuate the movement of the lure when it is moving in the water. As the tail of the Spark Shad is designed to be thinner, the soft bait generates an exaggerated tail action when reeled through the water. 

The Spark Shad also features lifelike side-fins to help stabilise the lure and reduce its rolling action in the water to entice even the most cautious target fish.


Paddle Tail (Sinking)


3 inch / 4 inch


4 g per lure (3 inch) / 10 g per lure (4 inch)


6 pieces (3 inch) / 5 pieces (4 inch)

Videos on the action of the Spark Shad are located at the bottom of the page

    Video 1 featuring the fish catching ability of the Spark Shad

    Video 2 featuring the swimming action of the Spark Shad