The Rapala Glass Shad Rap is a 4cm, 5grams, tall profiled, tapered bodied, suspending minnow fishing lure that is designed for deep diving action.

Equipped with a 2.5cm spade shaped lip, the Glass Shad Rap produces a sharp tight wobble as it dives to a depth of up to 3.3m.

What makes this lure unique, is the insertion of a holographic foil within the central vertical axis of the body that acts as a mirror to pick up colour and its surroundings that it reflects back with an iridescent glow - giving the chameleon-like Glass Shad Rap its ability to blend into its environment.

The lure includes two internal rattlers located deep in its belly that produces a hi-pitch sound track to enhance its attractiveness.

The Rapala Glass Shad Rap comes finished in both natural looking and bright UV colours to suit both clear and murky water conditions. Solid hook ups are assured with #8 VMC Black Nickel Hooks that come as standard.


Deep Diving Minnow Fishing Lure


Freshwater / Saltwater



Dive Depth:

1.5-3.3m (5’-11’)


4cm (1.5”)


5grams (3/16oz)


Tight wobbling action


2 x #8 treble hooks

Country of Manufacture: