The Storm Gomoku Flutter Slim GFLS has a super slim body design, sinking pencil bait fishing lure that is designed for ultralight game, sub-surface action.

The lure is best worked on a twitch-pause-twitch retrieve pattern. As a lipless minnow, the lure will kick easily from left to right with each twitch of the rod tip or on a slow steady retrieve.

Where the Flutter Slim comes alive and excels is when the retrieving is paused. The minute it loses its travel momentum, the lure begins its downward flutter as it rolls from side to side to reflect light off its flanks and in that process, attracting the attention of its prey to entice a strike for what would appear to be a dying bait fish.

Finished in holographic foil and bright UV colours, the Storm Gomoku Flutter Slim GFSS offers the angler the choice of options to suit the water conditions of the day.

Comes equipped with strong VMC nickel hooks for solid hook ups.


Sub-Surface Pencil Bait Fishing Lure


Freshwater / Saltwater



Dive Depth:



Strong tail kick, flutter rolling action


4.5cm / 7.5cm / 9.5cm


2grams / 7.5grams / 11.5grams


2 x #12 / 2 x #8 / 2 x #6 treble hooks

Country of Manufacture: