The Rapala DT Metal 20 is a 7cm, 24.8grams, tall profiled, tapered bodied, floating crankbait fishing lure that is designed for deep diving action.

Equipped with a long (4.7cm) but thin profiled polycarbonate diving lip that incorporates a metal weighted disc, the DT Metal 20 will dive head down rapidly on a steady crank to a depth of 6.1m.

To increase casting distance, the lip is angled horizontally to the length of the body to reduce aerodynamic drag resistance, which allows for more water coverage to keep the lure longer in the strike zone.

Coupled with its thin tapered profile, the DT Metal 20 will produce a wide, side-to-side wobbling action as it is being retrieved to attract the attention of its prey. Internal rattlers embed in its balsa wood construction, produces an alluring sound track to enhance its attractiveness.

The Rapala DT Metal 20 comes finished in both natural looking and bright UV colours to suit both clear and murky water conditions. Solid hook ups are assured with #2 VMC Black Nickel Hooks that come as standard.


Deep Diving Crankbait Fishing Lure


Freshwater / Saltwater



Dive Depth:

6.1m (20’)


7cm (2.75”)


24.8grams (7/8oz)


Wide side-to-side wobbling action


2 x #2 treble hooks

Country of Manufacture: