The Megabass Piccola is a finesse sized, ultralight, sinking, vibration lipless crankbait fishing lure that is designed for shore game rock fishing, mid-diving action.

The lure is constructed on a metal blade with a single tow lug positioned high up on its back. This coupled with the lead moldings positioned in its face and belly section, gives the lure it low CG swim stability and ability to produce hi-pitch vibrations on a steady retrieve.

A single treble hook is positioned below the lug point at the base of the belly of the lure to minimise snagging, making it great as a search bait for bottom dwelling species.

The Megabass Piccola comes in two sizes, 29mm (3.5grams) and 34mm (5.5grams) and is best worked by being “bounced” over the seabed, on a lift-drop-lift technique as it is being retrieved.

The culmination of vibration and flutter as it falls, has the impact of attracting all the right attention and inducing a strike, particularly as the lure makes it fall back to the sea bed.


Finesse Vibration Lipless Crankbait Fishing Lure


Saltwater Rock Fishing



Dive Depth:



29mm, 34mm


3.5grams, 5.5grams


Vibration, flutter on fall action


1 x #12 treble hook