The Daiwa 2017 Saltiga BJ ("Bay Jigging") is a top-of-the range series of overhead fishing reels that start from size 100 to 200, in low and high speed options with respective double and single knob configurations.

Designed specifically for serious in-shore, bay area and coastal jigging, these top notch, compact round profiled, overhead jigging reels, come packed with Daiwa’s latest technological advancements and features that translates into a fishing reel that not only exudes quality in design appearance, but feels precisely engineered, light in weight and silky smooth in movement.

  • Mag Seal - a magnetic seal formed from the use of a membrane of magnetic lubrication and magnets to create a saltwater barrier to reduce water penetration into the moving parts of the reel. Being magnetized this lubrication system reduces any friction, minimises dust and salt spray intrusion to improve the life expectancy of the reel.
  • ATD (Automatic Tournament Drag) - A redesigned spool support that increases the support of the spool across the entire length of the main shaft that helps to dissipate drag washer pressure more efficiently to reduce pulsing of the drag when fighting fish.  
  • Centrifugal Braking System - A braking system that utilizes centrifugal force that is generated from the rotation of the spool to apply frictional force on the brake shoe against the outer brake ring.
  • Super Rigid Precision Cut Metal Housing and Frame - A high strength precision cut aluminium body is used to ensure rigidity to eliminate torsional twisting under extreme loads.  
  • DigiGear - A perfectly milled gearing system, whose gear teeth design and finish, enable extraordinary smooth running, with the least resistance with a long life span.
  • Speed Shaft System -   A mechanism that disengages the spool from its shaft during free spooling. The spool is supported only by its bearings. Being shaft-less, there is no extra resistance, allowing optimum spool rotation to be achieved.
  • Tough and Rigid Clutch System with Salt Barrier - A precision engineered clutch that utilizes an anti-electrostatic system to eliminate clutch stickiness that arises from saltwater use.
  • Large Diameter Mechanical Brake Knob - A large diameter mechanical spool brake knob for easy access that incorporates a clicker to give precise and incremental feedback on spool brake tension.
  • Synchro Level Wind - The level wind system is coupled to the reel’s free spool mechanism that creates smoother line drop.
  • Large Diameter Long Arm Star Drag - A large diameter star drag is used to facilitate quick and easy adjustments to be made tune the reel’s drag whilst under load. A clicker mechanism is incorporated to give precise and incremental feedback on the amount of drag that is being applied during tuning.
  • Perfect Double Stopper - A mechanical stopper is incorporated as a failsafe to the reel’s anti-reverse stopper mechanism.
  • Large Handle Knobs - Large handle knob, supported with CRBB bearings make for comfortable use of the reel.  
  • CRBB Ball Bearings - Corrosion resistant ball bearings are used throughout to ensure smooth operation of the reel in the harshest of saltwater environments.
  • Shower Cleaning Possible - The reel can be subjected to a wash down under a shower to facilitate easy end-of-day maintenance of the reel.