The Storm Gomoku Slow Rocker is a short and broad profile, asymmetrical shaped metal jig fishing lure that is designed for slow-pitch jigging action.

The broadness of the jig encourages a horizontal fluttering descent making it ideal for shallow water application.

One face of the jig is soft chined designed with rounded cambers, whilst the other is angulated with hard chines, each intended to produce an irregular fall pattern. The rounded surface exhibits a leaf-like falling action, whilst the angulated surface will produce a higher pitch flutter.

The jig is worked best by “bouncing” the jig off the sea bed on a slow lift and drop technique.

To further enhance the appeal of the Slow Rocker jig, Storm have finished the surfaces in holographic foil with bright eye-catching colours to allow light to fall off its surfaces to attract its intended prey.

Solid hook ups are achieved with a VMC PTFE coated 7177 assist hook that come dressed with tinsel.


Slow Pitch Style Jigging





Dive Depth:

0m > ∞


GSR40 - 5.8cm

GSR70 - 6.9cm

GSR90 - 7.7cm


GSR40 - 40grams

GSR70 - 70grams

GSR90 - 90grams


Leaf fall action, high pitch flutter action

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