The DESTROYER X7 series was designed to be equivalent to an every-day use tournament grade fishing tool, incorporating the same YOLOYTM high rigidity, high elastic micro pitch taping system as used in the ARMS CHALLENGE series and the technology  from the P3 DESTROYER series.

The first thing that anglers would notice with the X7 rods are their lightweight construction and solid structure, allowing for an exceptional power to weight ratio and perfect balance.

In addition, anglers will note the overwhelming elasticity of X7 rods in their ability to powerfully load and launch lures across great distances.

With their super thin taper construction, the X7 rods open up a world of clarity and vivid high resolution fishing through an exceptional high sensitivity design.

Model Type Blank Sections Power Length Action Line Rating Lure Wt. Rod Wt Tip Diameter Butt Diameter Handle Length Guides
Megabass - Destroyer X7 - F2-63X7 - Super Criffhanger Baitcasting 1 F2 6'3" Regular 6-12lbs 1/8-1/2oz 105g 1.8mm 9.8mm 31.5cm 10+1
Megabass - Destroyer X7 - F2.1/2-66X7 - The "Shading-X" Baitcasting 1 F2.1/2 6'6" Medium Fast 6-12lbs 1/8-1/2oz 118g 1.8mm 9.9mm 32cm 10+1
Megabass - Destroyer X7 - F3-69X7 - Super Eiger Baitcasting 1 F3 6'9" Fast 6-14lbs 1/8-1/2oz 112g 1.8mm 9.9mm 33.5cm 10+1
Megabass - Destroyer X7 - F4-68X7 - Cyclone Adavantage Baitcasting 1 F4 6'8" Regular 8-20lbs 1/4-3/4oz 118.5g 2.0mm 11.0mm 34.5cm 9+1
Megabass - Destroyer X7 - F4-611X7 - Super Elesil Baitcasting 1 F4 6'11" Regular 8-20lbs 1/4-3/4oz 2.0mm 11.0mm
Megabass - Destroyer X7 - F5st-611X7 - Bearingdown Type-X Baitcasting 1 F5 6'11" Ex Fast 10-25lbs 3/8-1oz 130g 1.1mm 12.6mm 38.5cm 10+1
Megabass - Destroyer X7 - F5.1/2-70X7 - Diablo Fastmove Baitcasting 1 F5.1/2 7'0" Medium Fast 12-25lbs 3/8-1.1/2oz 136g 2.1mm 13.0mm 38.5cm 9+1
Megabass - Destroyer X7 - F6-68X7 - Super Rekkai Baitcasting 1 F6 6'8" Medium Fast 12-25lbs 3/8-1.1/2oz 128g 38.5cm 9+1