The Daiwa Emeraldas Boat 3.5 Squid Jig is a 11cm, sleek profiled, 30grams squid jig fishing lure that is intended specifically for boat fishing with a heavy integrated head weight to get the lure to reach the sea floor quickly.

 Designed with an ultra-pointed head to reduce water resistance to improve its twitch action, the pointed tip will also give the angler added feel to work across the sea bed in search of prey.

A head lug is positioned 15mm from the tip of the pointed head to give the angler more leverage to jig the lure up the water column to mimic a fleeing prawn.

The Emeraldas Boat 3.5 exhibits good stability with its pectoral stabiliser fins which encourages the lure to drift when caught up in current.

A central keel is perforated to allow for additional weight to be added to get the jig to sink faster and further down the water column when in search of prey.

To add to its appeal, the lure comes equipped with large 3D eyes, to complement the shimmer that reflects off from its cloth like holographic body.


Sinking Squid Jig






11cm (not including hook)



Internal Rattler: