The Megabass Bottle Shrimp soft plastic creature bait is a hog-type worm which imitates freshwater prawns and crayfish, which is one of the main types of bait used around the world.

When used with Texas rigs and jig trailers, the large power arms will push through the water, demanding the attention of target fish. With bottom contact, the inertia of the weighted arms will cause a shivering action to move from the tips of the power arms through the entire body, triggering bites.

For no sinker rigs, nail rigs, and Carolina rigs, the power arm will swing left and right during the fall, creating a subtle waving motion. The slow and powerful wave motion created by the power arms and the quick, vivid trembling motion created by the legs will bring about a more complicated and realistic pulse from the whole body, captivating target fish.

The Megabass Bottle Shrimp comes in 3 sizes, 2.4”, 3” and 4”.


Soft Plastic Creature Bait




2.4”, 3” and 4”