The Megabass Dyna Response lipless crankbait is a new concept metal vibe designed from a super-thin 0.6mm stainless plate that cuts through water and features a carefully sculpted weight design that generates powerful vibrations and quick start-up action. 

The weight's hydrodynamic design powers a sharp, high pitch action and kicks into gear instantaneously whether employing a lift & fall or more traditional straight/constant retrieve method.

The placement of the rear treble and innovative tinsel-tail detail significantly reduce line tangle on slack line and at the end of long casts, in addition to providing an enticingly new flicker-flash to the lure's vibrating action.

The Dyna Response comes in 1/4oz and 3/8oz.


Lipless Crankbait




1/4oz (~7grams) and 3/8oz (~10.6gram)