The Little Jack Onliest is a versatile, hard body squid jig that incorporates an internal reflector within a translucent body finished with ultra-life-like candy tones to give the lure its one-of-a-kind presence with its realistic form and flashing. All lure surfaces are topped with either UV glow or luminous coatings to give the Onliest its added flair for day or night use.

The lure is designed with a slim nose to minimize resistance to water currents in order to reproduce a nimble dart action. The realistic eyes are designed to minimize connection to avoid generating unnecessary resistance.

The lure’s surface is textured with a grain-like surface to give better tentacle grip. To add to its versatility, Little Jack have added a belly lug to attach a treble hook to target fish.

The Onliest, comes in 2 sizes #3 (10.5g) and #3.5 (17.5g).


Squid Jig




#3 and #3.5


#3 (10.5g) and #3.5 (17.5g)

Sink Rate:

#3 (3.5m/s) and #3.5 (3.2m/s)