The Lucky Moldes Nelson Nakamura Sara Sara is a multi-actioned, tail weighted, high float topwater, pencil bait fishing lure equipped with a free moving, internal weight transfer system that gives the lure its distinct rattling sound and superb casting distance without tumble.

The lure can be made to mimic an injured bait fish breaking the surface with erratic jerks on the rod tip as it dives and pops up to the surface, pushing water and attracting the attention of its intended prey.

On a half crank-pause retrieve pattern with the rod tip pointing downwards, the Sara Sara can be made to dog-walk, splashing water from side to side to get the attention of its intended target.

On continuous straight retrieve, the lure will act like a fleeing bait fish skirting the surface with the rod tip facing upwards and being twitched.

Whilst small in stature and size, the design of the Sara Sara with its bulbous head design and narrow extruded weighted tail section, allows the lure to carry heavier gauged (4X) trebles whilst maintaining its buoyancy and create minimal splash on entry, making it an exceptional lure for sight cast for predators without spooking them.

The Sara Sara comes in 3 sizes: 8cm (7grams), 10cm (12grams) and 12cm (22grams).


Pencil Bait


Freshwater / Saltwater


Hi Floating


8cm, 10cm, 12cm


8cm(7grams), 10cm(12grams) and 12cm(22grams)

Dive Depth:


Treble Hook Size:

8cm (#4), 10cm (#2), 12cm (#1)

Country of Manufacture: