The Megabass Vision OneTen Hi-Float is a narrow profiled, 110.5mm, 14.1gram (1/2oz), fast floating, jerk bait minnow fishing lure that will dive no more than 1 meter with its short narrow rounded bib.

This jerk bait comes equipped a dual tungsten moving balancer system that truly gives this lure excellent casting distance.

The base of the lure is angulated with hard chines, which creates a hi-pitch roll action from side to side to accentuate reflective flicker off the flanks of the lure.

The Vision OneTen Hi-Float rises faster to the surface than all other models in the Vision OneTen series of lures. Buoyancy has been increased by the removal of the 3 internal rattlers located at the base compartment of the lure, that is found with the Vision OneTen model.

The lure comes equipped with three #6 trebles. The front and rear trebles have inward facing barbs whilst the middle treble is outward facing.

What makes the OneTen Hi-Float unique is it’s darting action and ability to come up to the surface quickly, which makes it ideal for use over shallow patches with underwater grass/weed beds to minimise snagging during the initial cast.

For many anglers, the Megabass Vision OneTen Hi-Float is best used during dry seasons, when  water levels cause grass/weed beds to come closer to the surface.


Sub-Surface Jerk Bait Minnow Fishing Lure




Fast Floating

Dive Depth:





14.1grams (1/2oz)


Hi-pitch rolling, darting action


3 x #6 treble hooks

Country of Manufacture: