The Megabass Baby Pop-X is an intricately detailed, finesse sized, 50mm, 5.3grams (3/16oz), floating, popper fishing lure that is designed for topwater action.

The lure comes equipped with an oversized mouth cup that is recessed into its face. The bottom edges of the cup have been flared out to scoop and channel water into the mouth to produce the Baby Pop-X’s characteristic pop sound whilst leaving a bubble trail in its wake as it is being retrieved.

The face of the lure has been strategically angled forward to ensure that the Baby Pop-X is able to push water forwards and outwards as it being twitched to create maximum surface commotion to attract its intended prey.

Even for its finesse size, the Baby Pop-X can be made to walk from side to side like a “walk-a-dog” lure, on a crank-pause-crank retrieve pattern.

Internally, the lure comes equipped with a single weight bearing located at the rear of the lure to give it its displacement for achieving good casting distances without tumble.

The weight bearing is housed in a chamber that gives a bit of free play to allow for the bearing to roll and knock against the internal walls of the lure, which not only gives the lure its own unique sound track, but enhances the appeal of the lure in respect of its swimming action.

To top it all off, the tail treble hook has been dressed with feathers and glittery tinsel threads to mesmerise and make the lure irresistible for a predator to take a peck at it.

The Megabass Baby Pop-X is not to be underestimated for its small size as it is well suited for the light game finesse angler seeking explosive topwater action.


Topwater Popper Fishing Lure









Dive Depth:



Popping, water pushing, walk the dog action

  Hooks:  1 x #8 front treble hook, 1 x #10 tail treble hook

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