The Megabass Blading-X is a lead weighted, metal blade, sinking, lipless crankbait fishing lure that is designed for deep diving action.

The lead is molded closest to the bottom of the metal blade, to give the Blading-X its tracking stability, its upright-fall action, and most importantly, to produce a solid vibration, whether on a fast crank or on a lift/fall retrieve pattern.

The lure comes equipped with three tow lug positions, located on the dorsal section of the lure that allows the lure to produce a different action depending on which tow point is used.

The forward tow lug, which is positioned forward of the center position of the lure, is best used on a jerk, rip, or fast continuous retrieve pattern.

The rear most lug position, produces the most intense vibration on a steady retrieve and is best used with a lift/fall retrieve pattern.

The central lug position provides the most versatility, allowing the Balding-X to produce both types of actions when using either the front or rear tow points.

However, when fishing in snaggy terrain, the Blading-X is best fished using the rear most lug position. The further back the tow position is, the more downward the lure faces, keeping the twin double hooks from touching bottom and getting snagged.

The Megabass Blading-X is an incredibly versatile and effective lure, be it in an impoundment pond or out in the wild. The intensity of vibration that this lure produces is what makes it attract attention and to induce its target to take a peck at the it.


Deep Diving Lipless Crankbait Fishing Lure





Dive Depth:



39mm, 45.5mm, 49.5mm


7.09grams (39mm); 10.63grams (45.5mm); 14.1grams (49.5mm); 21.3grams (49.5mm); 28.35grams (49.5mm)


Vibration and fluttering action


2 x #4 double hooks

Country of Manufacture: